Campus Committees

The Council participates in many activities and serves on numerous boards and task forces across the campus. Many assignments include committees made up of the council members who work on specific problems as well as special campus committees. Some of the campus committees served by the Council members have included the following:

Council of Councils

Office of Access and Equity Title IX/Non-Discrimination Panels

SAC Council Liaison Participation

Colleen Hammel – Illinois Administrative Professionals and serves on the Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Award Evaluation Committee

Dale Billam – Council of Academic Professionals Liaison and Big Ten Academic Alliance liaison

Johna Von Behrens – Faculty/Staff Emergency Fund liaison for FSAWS, State Universities Annuitants Association liaison.

Eugene Josephitis – Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee member for FSAWS

Cherika Williams – Training and Employee Development Advisory Committee (TEDAC) liaison

Jennifer Sans – Parking Advisory Committee liaison & Civil Service Employees and Dependents Scholarship Program Fund in Honor of Marjorie Beasley selection committee

Bridget Hillier – Campus Climate Initiative with the Office of Access and Equity.